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Oreo Magic Cookie Bars

Oreo magic cookie bars are made up of oreo baking crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, chocolate, and oreo pieces. They’re a fun twist on the classic magic cookie bars.


– salted butter melted – chocolate oreo baking crumbs – 1 can sweetened condensed milk – sweetened shredded coconut – semi sweet chocolate chips – white chocolate chips – 13 oreos 

Easy to make!  They have an amazing cookies and cream flavour. Theses bars a great chewy texture, plus all the added crunch of the oreos.

Why You'll Love It

Why You'll Love It

In a bowl mix together oreo baking crumbs and melted butter.  Pour the crumb mixture into the baking pan. Using a spatula evenly spread and press down the crumbs to make a crust.


Pour the sweetened condensed milk on top. Gently use a spatula to spread evenly.

Evenly sprinkle the coconut on top.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top of the coconut. Add the quartered pieces of oreos on top. Bake.

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